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H&M for Under $20 Makes It Hard To Say No

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For those of you who have walked into an H&M and thought, "this stuff is just too expensive," now is the time to look again. The store is having a blowout sale for men, women and children, which actually translates to racks and racks of current-season clothes for $20 and under. Plus, all outerwear is 50% off, which puts most blazers right around $35. Dresses and sweaters are mostly $20, while everything else from shoes to shirts is $10 to $15. There's even a whole rack of colored skinny jeans for $10 a pair, which will really make you crave some fruity Christmas candy more than anything else. There were plenty of signs for $5 items, but we didn't actually stumble across any at the Beverly Center store. And yes, there is a decent-size display of Jimmy Choo shoes, black bags, hard clutches and jewelry still for sale and not discounted at all.
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