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Where Have the 2000s Gone? Help Us Look Back.

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Back in 1999, could anyone in Los Angeles have seen this coming? Images via <a href="">American Apparel</a>.
Back in 1999, could anyone in Los Angeles have seen this coming? Images via American Apparel.

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Ten years ago, we were all freaking out, worrying if Y2K would bring computerized, bank-account-draining Armageddon. Our bank accounts survived December 31, 1999 intact—only to be pillaged by the birth of 7 for All Mankind and the rise of premium denim; general brand mania; t-shirts as high fashion; expensive footwear fetishism cultivated by Sex and the City; the Apple-driven sexification of technology?and then most of us had our bank accounts crashed, for reals, last year.

Where has all the time gone?

We're following the stylish trend set by our sibling sites Racked and Curbed and doing our own "Top of the Aughts" countdown. And we're looking for your help. What were some of the defining trends, people, brands, and stores of the 2000s? Better yet, who and what defined Southern California fashion in this decade? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section; we’re asking some of our favorite folks from around the Southern California fashion landscape to chime in, too. We’ll compile them all and publish the findings next week.
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