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Beautiful, Bright Christmas Ideas From Tavin

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We learned something new on Saturday, or at least figured something out that we'd never thought about before: the word "groggy" is derived from "grog," a drink that's brewed up with potent booze and thick pieces of fruit. It's kind of like the lovechild of a spiced cider-sangria tryst, and it was served up to waterlogged revelers at Tavin's winter party.

Just in time for the holidays, the boutique is stocked with an assortment of smartly priced gifties, including lotions, potions, and soaps; handmade jewelry; journals; and our favorite, a teeny little notebook on a chain.

They're also offering an additional 10% off through the holidays. They might not have grog when you go, but all the cheer and prettiness should be enough to warm you, anyway.
· Tavin [Official Site]


1543 Echo Park Avenue