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Window Dressing #1: So Many Teeny Cars in American Rag Display

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But what we really want to know is what all these tiny little cars mean!

Although we haven't seen any warm, fuzzy window displays that knock our Christmas booties off, we've noticed a few that are particularly fun. First up is the display at American Rag. It's filled with a bajillion bitty cars, all painted matte black.

Come to find out it's 2,500 little cars, all spray-painted by hand. Specifically, by the hands of Jonah Smith and Palmer West, the duo behind Aether Apparel. The display is to promote the line of rugged, outdoorsy menswear.

We love how vaguely-OCD the display is. So. MANY. Cars. And think, if they put the same amount of work into making their clothing, Aether must be pretty amazing.
· American Rag [Official Site]
· Aether Apparel [Official Site]

American Rag

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