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Now Open: Silver Lake's Eleven of Us, With a 15% Discount For Racked Readers

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After spending the bulk of the previous day in Black Friday Hell, our visit to the just-opened Eleven of Us was the perfect antidote: It's a unique, well-designed space that's chock-full of cheerful colors, friendly people, and first-string merchandise at seriously reasonable prices.

Most of the store is women's merchandise from Erge Designs, who also happen to be behind the store. There's also a selection of Erge merchandise for tweens, and a few big racks with dresses from other manufacturers like Notice Clothing and Curtesy.

Many of the Erge tees and dresses remind us a bit of Free People: bohemian and playful without being hippy-dippy. These are simple tees—sans ruffles, bows, and doodads—that are still going to dress your look up considerably. Rich colors, flattering cuts, and the super-soft cotton feels great next to your skin. And the prices feel great next to your wallet: There's a big selection of samples and overruns for $18; we saw tons of pretty dresses for under $42.

The store also boasts a nice little selection of extras, like scarves, jewelry and bags.

And if a fresh, wearable take on t-shirts wasn't incentive enough for you to visit, Eleven of Us is offering Racked readers a 15% discount. Nice people + beautiful merchandise + cheap prices + discount = GO ALREADY! They're at the corner of Sunset and Micheltorena (right next door to Bittersweet Butterfly).
· Erge Designs [Official Site]