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Marc Jacobs Window Display No Longer Frightening, Still Really Weird

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We figured that those evil, freaky corpses in the Marc by Marc Jacobs window were gonna get kicked to the curb after Halloween, so we drove by to see what had taken their place. Maybe something holiday-festive and wintery.

But no. The fright-fest was gone, but in its place was a big Obama-scolding poster. The real action was across the street, at the proper Marc Jacobs store: Mannequins with neon-colored cows. The cows have disturbingly large, very aggressive udders with visible veins and nipples. But they have horns, like a bull. Are these trangendered cows? Is Marc trying to tell us something about the perception of gender and race, or are these just cracked-out bovine? We know fashion doesn't have to mean anything, but these seem like they're on the brink of meaning some something that we just can't figure out. Anyone care to take a crack at decoding the cows?
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