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The Billion Dollar Babes Are Back, and We've Got an Exclusive Sneak Peak

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Before we get to the business at hand, it must be said: We saw Phoebe Price at last night's B$B preview event. No, she didn't look crazy, and she wasn't acting all famewhorey. She was quietly shopping the Meghan Fabulous rack. She is actually very pretty. Her pants were in so dire a need of a hemming that they had consumed her feet, and she was wearing a straw fedora with a crazy-ass feather thing festooning it, but other than that, move along, nothing to see here. Thanks, Miss Price, for making our night.

After a two-year hiatus, the invite-only sale turns up at the Petersen Automotive Museum, starting today. This weekend's sale includes perennial Babes favorites, like the aforementioned Fabulous, Black Halo, Oliver Peoples, and Lewis Cho. All around, a really good assortment of designers and merchandise, including goods from Free People, Kors by Michael Kors, Jay Godfrey (all priced at $99!), Chaiken, Kova & T, Current/Elliott jeans for @ $100, and much more.

There were some really great buys to be had, like those Jay Godfrey dresses. And that one archetypical Black Halo dress, with the pencil skirt and the flutter sleeves, was flying off the racks at $80. Pixie was offering makeup, with lipgloss priced at $1. Even a few token selections for the dudes, including English Laundry t-shirts that seemed like they aspired to be Ed Hardy understudies.

Sadly, there was only one shoe seller in the place. In years past, we found terrific buys on established favorites, like Taryn Rose, and were introduced to new designers like Marcello Toshi. The shoes struck as as being?oh, a little European for our tastes, if you follow. (You will when you see the pictures.) But accessories were well-represented with a good selection of unique jewelry, belts, and scarves.

Still, it was a fun night, and it's a sale definitely worth checking out. Let's hope these come back as regular events.
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