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Spendy, Trendy David Barton Gym Possibly, Maybe, Assumedly Opening Soon at Old Tower Records Site

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Spotted in WeHo: this sign confirming the fact (maybe) that a David Barton gym (uber-trendy workout place now in NYC, Chicago, and Miami) is apparently coming to the Sunset Strip (although who knows when?) , specifically at the sight of the former Tower Records (the former one-story space will now become three). With David Barton coming in, West Hollywood will now be the home of five major gyms: Equinox down the street, Crunch at Sunset and Crescent, Train on La Cienega, and the 24-Hour Fitness on Santa Monica Boulevard. Other areas of LA like Hollywood and Downtown are pretty well represented with gyms, but a dearth of treadmills exist in hipster hoods like Silver Lake, Los Feliz, and Echo Park (unless you count Curves). How do they stay so skinny? (Wait, don't answer that.) – Neal Broverman
[David Barton]