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Most Gifted Popup: Ooga Booga at Keep

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Well, apparently, someone got our memo about proper popups. Thanks Ooga Booga/Keep! This fun assortment of gifts, trinkets and goodies is the kind of stuff you'd make yourself—if you had a million extra hours on your hands, and you were super-talented.

What really makes the popup exceptional is how it was put together: these are items hand-picked by Ooga Booga/Keep friends like Kate and Laura Mulleavy (aka Rodarte), and Opening Ceremony's Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. Among others.

Some of it's fashiony, some of it isn't. We really liked the big knitted chain scarf. And the onesie, with the weird depiction of someone's hands flying off their body, is totally adorable in a way we can't explain. You'll probably have your own favorites, and see items that are perfect for your friends. We know you're going to be at the Bev Center, shopping for yourself this weekend, so why not mosey over to Keep and get a good headstart on the rest of your list. Ooga Booga will be at Keep (523 N. Fairfax Avenue) until December 31.
· Keep [Official Site]
· Ooga Booga [Official Site]

Ooga Booga

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523 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles