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David Galan's Hot Arm Candy at Code C

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As single girls, we've always been told that we'd find love as soon as we stopped looking for it. And that advice turns out to be true—at least when it comes to handbags.

When we were visiting the Sustainable Sirens installation at Code C, we fell hard for this collection of purses from David Galan. They have all of the bells and whistles we like: touchable textures (pony hair or supple, buttery leather), unique shapes, architectural details, and shiny, bold hardware. They're sized just right, too. (Big enough to spaciously accommodate the essentials, but you can't fit a small human into one of these). David Galan's creations provide the same glamorous finish as a piece of jewelry; and they offer a just-so combination of girly and tough.

The bags range in price from low $200s for the smaller bags and wallets, to the high $700s for the bigger pieces. A real bargain for bags of this quality (especially since it's like getting a purse and jewelry, too).
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