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Code C + Sustainable Sirens: Making You Rethink Conspicuous Consumption

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You know the saying that one's man trash is another man's treasure? Well, if you substitute "opportunity" for "treasure", but keep the trash, that's the idea behind the Sustainable Sirens, a public service initiative to encourage the folks in the entertainment industry to recycle and be more critical about consumption and wast. But it's a timely message for the rest of us, too, considering we're in the season of shopping, spending, casting off, trashing and starting all over again.

This Marie Antoinette finery is the first costume in a campaign of six; it's currently on display at Code C on Sunset. You've really got to see it to believe it. Yes, it's life-sized and the details are amazing, including ruffles, gathers, jewelry, even a wig

The Sustainable Sirens is backed by environment consulting company Reel Green Media. They're not suggesting you stop buying clothing and dress yourself in rags (or even garbage bags and vacuum cleaner bags, a la last week's Style Wars), but it is a cheeky way to say, "Whoa, slow down, tiger! This planet has to last us another few million years!"
· Code C [Official Site]
· Reel Green Media [Official Site]