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The Gift That Keeps On Giving: A J. Crew Of-The-Month Club

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When we think of "of-the-month" clubs, usually it's relegated to foods like cheesecake, fresh fruit, or beer and wine, but leave it to J. Crew to take the concept to a whole new level. For a couple years now, J. Crew has offered their own brand of "of-the-month" clubs, and with those who read the catalog fine print enough to notice them, they've proved pretty popular.

So just in case you eat far too much this Thanksgiving and just can't muster the energy to go out shopping on Black Friday or click through to deals on Cyber Monday, J. Crew has a phone number you can call to directly order these clubs. Did someone say "Shoe-of-the-month club?" As a matter of fact, they did...

Trying to find some up-to-date information on the programs, and if they even still existed, we tripped over a 2008 post from jcrewaholics. But then we just gave up and called J. Crew to get the straight and correct information for holiday 2009. And here it is:

· Jewelry of the Month: $850.00
You will receive a different piece of jewelry for a 12 month period. Each piece is hand picked by their designers. The jewelry will consist of a variety of bracelets and necklaces.

· Cashmere of the Month: $1,800.00.
You will receive a piece of cashmere each month for 12 months. Each item is made with 100% cashmere and all of the colors are exclusive to J.Crew. Their designers hand-picked each cashmere piece for each month.

· Shoe of the Month: $1,800.00.
The most popular choice. Again, this consists of a pair of shoes each month for a 12 month period. You may choose if you would like heels, flats or a mixture. Their designers also pick out the shoes each month.

· Tie of the Month: $225.00.
Consists of a tie that is hand picked by their designers each month for 12 months.

· NEW Crewcuts of the Month: $300 for girls, $225 for boys.
Choose from a year's worth of tees for girls or graphic-print t-shirts for boys.

Thankfully all of those prices include shipping, but not taxes. Although some clubs can be purchased online, we found that it was easier to just call the number: 1-800-205-3877.
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