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Miuccia Prada is a Great Big Tease, Part One

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In the ages-old debate against pornography and violent films, opponents say that images fuel desires that can't be contained. Proponents say that seeing graphic images actually acts as a catharsis, and simply the act of watching fulfills desire, and sates the instinct to act.

So what we're getting at is, is owning a huge, gorgeous book with thousands of pictures of Prada in it enough? Or will owning it open a Pandora's box of desires that's sure to wreak havoc on your financial future?

The display for the book at the Prada store on Rodeo Drive was lovely, and maddening. You see how many books are used in this display? None of them are for sale. We inquired; the book will be $125, and sale copies will be available in two or three weeks.
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