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Test-Driving a Bed That Costs as Much as a Car

Nope, no Magic Fingers. Or money pre-stuffed in the mattress. Sheets extra, too.
Nope, no Magic Fingers. Or money pre-stuffed in the mattress. Sheets extra, too.

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If you find yourself feeling a bit lonely or overlooked this holiday season, we have the perfect solution for you. Go to Bloomingdales at South Coast Plaza and start sniffing around the $33,000 bed. You'll find yourself with a new friend and a whole lot of attention in no time.

When we read about it last month, we were intrigued. These babies are made out in the Inland Empire by Kluft Mattress. The Alpha dog in the line is the Palais Royale, and it supposedly takes seven people almost three days to make it. How good can a bed—a bed that costs as much as a car or a year of tuition at Harvard—make you feel?

It felt pretty nice. You know how you spend a day traveling and you finally make it to your hotel and plop down on the bed? Yes, that's how the bed felt. Granted, we only spent about 90 seconds on it (reclining on a bed while someone studies you and gives you the shpiel is a little bit unnerving). Not significantly different than, say, the beds at the W.

In conclusion, the Kluft was nice. Probably not 33X as nice as other beds on the market, but pleasant, just the same. Maybe if you sleep on it, you'll dream of the winning lottery numbers or have a million-dollar business idea.
· Kluft Mattress [Official Site]

South Coast Plaza

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