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Now Open: Splendid on Roberton Lives Up To Its Name

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Good old William of Ockham knew what he was talking about back in the 14th century when heralded the idea that the fewer moving parts something has, the simpler in its design, the better it works.

These ideas hold true for both the Splendid line (known for premium cottons and fabrics that are soft and drapey; and shapes that are body-flattering yet easy to wear), and its new store on Robertson. We went in yesterday for a peek. "Wow" basically sums it up.

The store is the first stand-alone for Splendid, and they really nailed it. It's 2,500 square feet of cotton-jersey bliss. The store houses everything Splendid: Splendid, Splendid Mills, Splendid Mills JR, Splendid Girl and Splendid Littles, accounting for women, men, and the little ones, too. It's spacious and airy: the front doors fold open all the way so there's no division between the outside elements and the inside, creating a state of continuous flow. The wall behind the checkout area has the Splendid clouds: it's a nice touch.

We checked out some of the newer offerings, and they're pretty delightful. A slouchy, long sleeved tee with a single line of silver sequins running gracefully down the back. Fun, pre-layered tees. One of the show-stoppers was a long-sleeved, fitted black dress with a zippered side slit. Who knew Splendid could be so sexy?

The new boutique is at 111 South Robertson—it's on the same block as the Kitson mothership, and the Splendid store offers a nice little antidote to the surrounding madness. It's calm, it's relaxing, it's simple?it's simply Spendid.
· Splendid [Official Site]