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Dogeared Gives Free Jewelry, Receives Odd Stares

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We had to go ourselves to believe it: Dogwood Jewelry brought a full team of workers out to Westwood to give away free necklaces to people, no strings attached. Upon our arrival, we were cheerfully greeted and handed gold envelopes with grey pearl pendants on gold thread inside, then we hung around to get a few photos of other passersby gleefully receiving their free goodies.

What happened over the course of an hour was an interesting social experiment. When confronted with the idea of free jewelry, about 50% of people turned it down. The rest had to be convinced that there were, indeed, no strings attached. Free jewelry means free jewelry. We're not counting, of course, the savvy Racked LA readers who showed up knowing exactly what they wanted (thank you, ladies!).

The Dogeared crew is spending the 1pm to 2pm hour today in Santa Monica, at the corner of 3rd and Arizona. Dogeared founder Marcia Maizel-Clarke is even on hand to spread some good energy. They're next to the Givebetter van, which might as well have "free candy" spray painted rapist-style on the side based on the response the poor Dogeared people are receiving. If you're in or near the Santa Monica area, stop by or even drive by and they really will hand you two packages of jewelry through your car window. They do request that you slow down a little bit for that one, though. Though we got pearl pendants on thread, there are other types of jewelry in the bags, what you'll get is a surprise (although we imagine that they're all similar). If you hang around the van, the company is also doing periodic drawings for even MORE free jewelry. The one thing they will ask for is your name and e-mail address to send you future promotions, but you can decline and they will still happily give you two free necklaces (thus, no strings attached). They are also giving out 20% off discount cards with codes good until December 31, 2010. Seriously, people. Free. Jewelry.
· Dogeared Jewelry [Official Site]