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Hurley and Nike Ride the Wave into the Future

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Can we get a pair of these stretching marvels for Thanksgiving dinner?
Can we get a pair of these stretching marvels for Thanksgiving dinner?

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If the Hurley x Pendleton collab was too old school for you, maybe you'd be interested in learning about the BOARDSHORTS OF TOMORROW. Hurley used Nike's Flywire magical fabric technology to create a pair of surfing pants with a claimed 140% stretch. We're not entirely sure if that is mathematically possible, but that's the story and they're stickin' to it. The fact sheet also states that these shorts use "nano technology in water repellency to absorb less water than other boardshorts." Oh, science, you've given us such advancements. Only in the future could we dream of participating in a water sport without having to actually get wet.

Yes, we realize that for professional surfers, every little bit counts in terms of drag and weight. But really, is "too heavy" a major problem among boardshorts that you have to market a pair as "lightweight?"

On the other hand, we do think these look really cool. And on November 27, you can own a piece of the future for a mere $200.
· Hurley [Official Site]