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Now Open: Public Service, Paradise in Guyville

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You probably already know that the Fairfax District is Guyville, with shops like Supreme and The Hundreds, and the meat-happy eatery, Animal. Now there's a new dude paradise, just north of Melrose: Public Service, a clothing and accessories shop tucked neatly behind Shorty's Barber Shop. The store's already been open for a month, but they decided to make it official with a party on Thursday night.

The store is playful, sophisticated, and very manly in a rugged yet mid-century modern kind of way. Shiny wood floors, interesting yet functional displays, and ping-pong and pool tables to showcase the merchandise. One gets the feeling of being in an old-fashioned general store: you can get clothes, sundries, accessories, and a haircut and a shave all in the same place.

What really sets it apart from the dude stores just a few blocks south is the range of merchandise and great prices. If you're looking for some esoteric brand that only ten people have heard of, you aren't going to find it here. You will find lots of good staples from bigger indie labels like Ever, Alternative Apparel and LnA. We fell in love with one Shades of Greige jacket that had a Members Only cut that incorporated panels of perforated (faux) leather at the shoulders. Not a bad deal at $198.00. Lots of shirts for $40 to $50, too. Rounding out the assortment are sunglasses (Ray-Ban and Spitfire, a stylish and super budget-conscious line), Comme des Garcons fragrances, headphones, hats, and weird little gifty gadgets.

And how's this for public service: When you get a haircut at Shorty's, you get 10% your purchase. Thank you, PSLA, for helping to keep our masses well-shorn, sweet smelling, and nicely dressed.
· Public Service [Official Site]

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