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Now Open: Blue Collar Pet Supply in Echo Park

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We're trying to imagine a dog's eye view of newly opened Blue Collar. Let's see?big blue "communist propaganda" style mural on the outside of building, complete with a guy who's got a very aggressive LA neck tattoo. Abundant moosehead decorations. Doggie treadmill. Holistic pet food. Soundtrack of minimal techno. Pre-licked?er, loved dog accessories. If we were dogs, we'd be utterly bewildered. But the dog owners seemed to love it, at least the night we dropped in for a look-see. The owners, Michelle and Barry, were very nice. They clearly love dogs, and they're fond of people, too. The 2,600 square foot store will also provide grooming services and training class, as soon as their settled in. The store seems a little high concept for dogs, but it's fitting addition to a dog-friendly stretch of street that already includes jewels like Tavin, Ladyboy and Chango.
· Blue Collar Pet Supply [Via Twitter]