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We Promise, We Deliver: A Look Inside the Junior Drake Outlet

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Yesterday we told you that we were going to check out the Junior Drake Outlet that just opened on Wilshire. As threatened, we did. And the store is definitely worth the hike across the 405. The store is rather large, on the corner of Wilshire and 7th, with a big logo awning that is hard to miss. Inside, you'll find wire racks full of organized bags, with plenty of stock in all shapes and colors. Prices range from $30 to $150, spaced sporadically around the store without any rhyme or reason (that we could find). We found metallic leather clutches for $50 hanging close to plain jumbo leather totes for $60 placed under medium-sized hobos for $135. About 90% of the store is leather goods, with a few fabric bags scattered throughout, and small stacks of tee shirts near the cash registers. There's a surprising variety of bags, stuff that's actually desirable and not a junky assortment of ugly, boring Mom purses.

Also near the registers are bins of wallets and clutches in multiple colors. Small wallets and leather goods are $25 each, or buy three for $60. Larger wallets and clutches are $50 each, or buy two for $80. Our favorite was a tiny cinched leather bag with a long leather-wrapped chain strap for $25 (also part of the three for $60 deal) that came in an array of colors. A great party piece that would also make a great gift.

Although the store has a popup feel to it, it's here to stay. We were also told that there are likely to be some good deals on Black Friday, so we'll let you know if we find out what they are. However, we're a little concerned about the two walls of floor-to-ceiling windows that drench the leather bags in sunlight all day. You might want to hurry over soon before the shininess starts to fade.
· Junior Drake [Official Site]