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Now Open: All Saints Spitalfields is a Rockin' Republic

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One of the things that gets us bite-the-head-off-a-bat mad is the flagrant misuse of the words rock, rocker, and rocker style. Like Rihanna, Britney or Katy Perry? Not rockers. Debbie Harry? Rocker. Justin Timberlake? Not rock. Jack White? Rock.

The brand new All Saints Spitalfields on Robertson can be safely filed in the rock category. The big store is done up in industrial/steampunk finery: the windows are filled with old sewing machines, and an assortment of other weird artifacts are repeated throughout the store. It's both old-timey and contemporary; it manages to fuse the feel of Melrose or Bleeker Street, circa 1980, with a downtown loft party.

It's a soup-to-nuts, head-to-toe kind of store that carries clothing, accessories, outerwear and shoes. (No, we didn't check to see if they carry underwear.) Yes, lots of rocker looks: leather, denim of every dye imaginable, furry vests and jackets, tough looking shoes. That aptly describes the offerings for both sexes.

For the ladies, one of their big items (literally) is a crisp, poplin, parachute dress, available in black, white, a green that looks like army khaki, and a flowered print. We particularly liked one of the clutches that combined patent and regular leather; at only $99, it's almost a dead ringer for a Jas MB bag that goes for about two and a half times the price.

The prices were quite reasonable, with many of the dresses going from between $100 - $200 dollars. We've lost all ability to figure out what constitutes "reasonable" for a pair of jeans, but $140 (on average) seemed a fair price for jeans.

With their fierce, scary graphics (skulls and monsters) and studded bedazzling, the men's shirts veered a little too close into Ed Hardy territory. Actually, the tees were the weak link in the collection: they reminded us of Forever 21 tees, with their almost nonsensical graphics. But a minor complaint, on the whole.

The store just opened today, so it will likely be blitzed this weekend. Buy something tight and black, then go belly up to the bar at the Troubadour or the Rainbow and order a Jack and Coke. If anyone asks, just tell them you're with the band.
· All Saints [Official Site]