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Style Wars: Killer Looks, Grace Under Pressure, and a Trash Can Wedding Dress

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Last night's Style Wars event, at Cinespace in Hollywood, was pretty much the most fun ever. It's exactly what you think it is: timed, freestyle battles in which one team of stylists and designers take on another team. In under five minutes, each team creates a look out of rags, trash, and assorted weird items (lawn chairs, badminton rackets, empty cans of Red Bull), and then the creations were judged. One team gets eliminated. Wash, rinse, repeat, until there was only one team left standing. Oh, and set all this madness to music and a party-happy, whooping crowd.

We don't need to go play-by-play here. But at the end of the night, we were left with two thoughts:

Deedee got robbed! Her beautiful pimp my bride dress, featuring a breastplate made out of palm frawns and feathers and a skirt made out of a backwards jacket, lost out to Victor Wild's trash bag wedding dress. But judges Blake Lewis, Miguel de la Barracuda, and Dior/Gaultier stylist Dzak Azran were unanimous; it looked like a riot would ensue.

What an awesome party game this would be! We're thinking of giving this a whirl after Thanksgiving; we'll let you know how it goes.

House of Diehl Style Wars keep rolling; expect an international battle royal in the coming weeks.
· House of Diehl [Official Site]