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Stopping and Shopping for a Good Cause at Warwick in Echo Park

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LA is so chock-full of people that it's inevitable that you'll find yourself running into the same types. We were thoroughly refreshed when we made the acquaintance of Justin Warwick during a party at his namesake shop. Here's a smart, enterprising guy with great business ideas—like selling reasonably-priced, highly desirable clothing and furnishings at a store that's open at nighttime, when his customers are likely to be shopping. He's got great style (we bonded over a fuzzy tail). And he's got a heart of gold, as is evidenced by the facts that he takes good care of some of his sobriety-challenged customers, and that he was throwing a party to help raise funds for Team in Training, the fundraising arm of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (the shindig was what brought us over in the first place).

When we stopped by Warwick, it was early in the evening, but the store was already filled with people enjoying sangria, good company, and an amazing assortment of new and vintage pieces. There were four ladies cooing over Warwick's collection of jewelry—most all of it culled from upscale estate sales but priced ridiculously low, some of it starting around $20. The clothing comes with a proposition that almost no one in the area can make: Warwick has tailors to help you get the perfect fit on anything. Throw in some locally designed, sustainable housewares, accessories, and one-of-a-kind bric-a-brac, and you've got a store that's every bit as unique and charming as the person who owns it.

Warwick's got some big events (and good parties) coming up on the calendar; we'll keep you posted. Hell, just stop in the next time you go to Little Joy or Short Stop. Even if you're three sheets to the wind, Justin will make sure you go home with something that you'll love just as much when you sober up. They're at 1461 1/2 W Sunset Blvd; open Tuesday - Saturday, 8pm to 1am.
· Warwick [Official Site]