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Free Stuff Alert: Dogeared Jewels Wants To Give Back

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Dogeared Jewels, the company famous for those tiny wishing necklaces on colored threads, is launching a new campaign for the holidays called Givebetter. They're encouraging people to show love to your fellow man and Mother Earth this holiday season by giving eco-friendly gifts (read: their products) to friends as well as donating to charity. The best part about the campaign is that they're actually taking their own advice and offering free jewelry as a gift to the residents of Los Angeles.

On Friday, November 20, Dogeared is hitting the streets with its Givebetter van, making two stops: 11am in Westwood at Kincross and Bronxton, and 2pm in Santa Monica around the Promenade. You have to follow them on Twitter or Facebook to get updates on the exact location, probably because they're not 100% sure where they're going to park a van giving away free stuff that's sure to draw a huge crowd. Visitors to the van will get two free necklaces, one to keep and one to give away. Hey, Dogeared is paying it forward, and they expect you to do the same. No word on what the necklaces will look like, you have to stop by to find out. If you don't live in West LA, don't feel snubbed... if the event is successful, the company is willing to do it again. We'll be there on Friday to tell you whether this event brought out inner peace or city police.
· Givebetter [Official Site]