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Cecilia Cassini's Brilliant Kiddie Couture

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It's been a big week for 10-year-old designer Cecilia Cassini. Lots of press and a trunk show at Tough Cookies in Sherman Oaks.

It just happened to be the week we'd heard reports of grown women going bonkers to get their hands on the Stella McCartney/GapKids goods so they could wear it themselves!

Which made us start to think, "Huh, well Cecilia Cassini is gonna be a famous designer?why not try to cram ourselves into one of her creations?"

On the way to Saturday's trunk show, we DID have every intention of doing just that.

It just didn't end up being a possibility. For one thing, the line is for very little people: five years on up to Cecilia's age. And for another, the store was packed. Mothers and children both pulling items off the rack. Our behavior would have seemed just a little suspicious. Even though we wanted many of these items, for ourselves, very badly.

When you look at Cecilia, and you look at what she makes, it's obvious she's designing the clothes that every little girl dreams of wearing. Sparkly lames, sequins, bright ribbons, sweet little pockets, interesting textures.

She's inventive, but also a good study. You see little homages and influences, here and there: one dress featured a band of Burberry-like plaid at its empire waist; a few other pieces had the signature Marc Jacobs exposed zipper up the back. Many pieces had a Mod colorblocking element.

And when you spend even a couple of minutes with Cecilia, it's obvious that she's a normal little girl (who happens to be crazy-talented). She's happy but shy; she loves her clothes, but she also likes playing with her friends and eating cookies. No one is pushing her to do anything or coaching her.

We left shortly after 1pm; it was a pretty sure shot that Cecilia would be sold out well before the end of the show. We left without making any attempt to try anything on. Hopefully, she'll be designing for big kids like us in a few year.
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