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Now Open: Fluxus in Brentwood

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LA-based knitwear brand Fluxus opened its doors in Brentwood on Saturday, showcasing tanks, tees and dresses with a DJ-fueled soiree, 25% off discounts and an appearance by head designer and Project Runway-winner Jeffrey Sebelia. The celeb-favored line features lower price points (everything in the store appeared to be between $50 and $300) and slinky, flowing designs, fueled by the fact that "fluxus" is Latin for "flow." The spring 2010 collection is inspired by 80's disco night clubs and rock concerts, which is appropriate considering the designer. We were loving the tough tees, scarves and vests, although we were a little wary of knit blazers, awkward asymmetrical hems that curved under instead of hanging straight, and longish dresses with sewn-in shoulder pads.

A more-scruffy-than-usual Jeffrey Sebelia made an appearance, saying this was the first time he'd seen the collection all at once and in a store. He's had his nose to the grindstone since being tapped by the brand, which was announced earlier this month. Although he came and left quickly at the beginning, it's possible that he reappeared after we left. Maybe the Susiecakes bakery down the street was calling to him, too.

If crossing the 405 or driving to Los Angeles just isn't your cup of tea, hold tight--we heard from a Fluxus PR person that the brand is planning on opening 10 more stores across the country by the end of next year. So if you wait long enough, Fluxus just might come to you.
· Fluxus [Official Site]