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Jimmy Choo for H&M: The Day After

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We were at Ground Zero (the Beverly Center) for the Jimmy Choo for H&M Collection bombardment yesterday. And so were thousands of people, waiting in line, hanging their collective hope on getting their piece of the Choo pie. Total bedlam.

And yet, throughout the day, we saw tweets reporting that people—people who did not come from another state, did not spend the night in the Beverly Center—sauntered into H&M late in the day and waltzed out with a shiny cobalt blue bag filled with booty.

Today, we were filled with morbid curiosity. Would every single stitch be gone, as if it had all been a dream? Or would there actually still be stuff left to buy?

Well, as of 2:15 this afternoon, yes, there is still stuff to buy. If you really, really, REALLY need to have something, you're in luck. This is the unofficial inventory:

Bev Center: About a dozen of those long black, backless dresses. One blue suede dress in small. One black glitter dress in size 6. One pair of leggings in size 2. Plenty of stuff for dudes.

Sunset location: five of the little pink hard clutches. A dozen of the round coinpurses, five blue scarves. Three of the oversize hobo bags. And wow, those ugly fake reptile ladies' boots? Tons. Probably have to mark them down to get rid of them.
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