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Now Open: Kohls in Los Alamitos, An Economic Ray of Hope Shining in a Stripmall

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Oh Paul Krugman, we love you, but sometimes you're such a downer. The doom-and-gloom prophesying New York Times columnist may have a Nobel Prize and all, but we're taking the sign of this new Kohls as an inarguable sign good things are happening in the economic sector. That a big department store sprung up, last month, practically in the middle of nowhere (at 10201 Valley View, to be exact)? That means people are shopping! And this badboy is open till midnight on both Friday and Saturday night, which means people are working to staff it. Inside, it's all business as usual, with the Simply Vera/Vera Wang line, LC Lauren Conrad, and Dockers. Yawn, we know. But it gives us hope that people are shopping and that everything's gonna be alright.
· Kohls [Official Site]