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Collabs: Hurley and Pendleton's Surfin' Safari

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Hurley and Pendleton have teamed up to recreate those iconic wool plaid shirts made famous by surfers in the '60s. The Beach Boys loved them, wearing the shirts and jackets on many album covers and promo pictures, and even originally called themselves "The Pendletones" (yeah, we're glad they nixed that, too). But even before that, The Majorettes sang about "White Levis, Tennis Shoes, Surfin' Hat and A Big Plaid Pendleton Shirt." Which is totally going to be the formula for our Halloween costume next year.

Now Hurley is re-releasing the look with shirts, hats and jackets with modern fits and modern prices: $105-$250 at Bloomingdale's, American Rag, Fred Segal and 225 Forest. The collection will hit stores on Monday, November 16, giving you plenty of time to pick one up as a nostalgic gift for good ol' Dad, who probably has fond memories of endless summers and Surfin' USA. Just make sure to clip off the price tag... you don't want to give the poor guy a heart attack.
· Hurley [Official Site]
· Pendleton [Official Site]