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Special Preview: Rebecca Minkoff's Spring 2010 Collection at Satine Boutique

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Rebecca Minkoff is the girl you wanted to hate in high school, but just couldn't. She's so pretty, so fashionable, so perfect... and yet so nice. You just can't help but love her while wishing you could look half as amazing as she does for just one day. Don't believe us? That's her in the middle of the final group shot, not another model. Yes, really.

But now that Rebecca has her own clothing line on top of her fanatical handbags, you can steal her style from head to toe. Through a partnership with Satine boutique in Beverly Hills, she showed off her current line as well as her upcoming one to her adoring public. The spring collection, which she describes as "'Clueless' meets 'Edward Scissorhands,'" features colorful florals, chic cheetah prints and tough leather jackets. One of her personal favorites (and ours) is a cropped, buttery-leather motorcycle jacket with very subtle stitching up the arms. It's so subtle it didn't even show up in the photos. Her cropped cheetah pants did, though, which is a piece we have mixed feelings on. We think the only ladies who could pull these off are the kind of ladies who would look good in a paper bag. You know, like Rebecca.

Next, she showed off her handbags for us. Her favorite from the fall collection is a purple suede doctor's bag, which is even softer than it looks and dripping with just a little bit of fringe. From the spring collection, she gushed over a studded, bright blue crossbody bag and a large faux-python tote that she swears is half the price you think it is since it's made of fabric and not real snake. She also pointed out that the quality is so good you can't tell it's not real even after touching it (we couldn't).

As part of the promotion with Satine, if you hurry over before 7pm tonight and make a purchase of $250 or more, you get a punky studded bracelet and a fun little crossbody bag with a removable strap... hello, multipurpose clutch! If you get there before 6pm, you can meet Rebecca Minkoff yourself. If you're reading this on a Friday night, we love you, but get over to Satine, stat!
· Rebecca Minkoff [Official Site]
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