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Cecilia Cassini: Best Designer in Her Class

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Cecilia Cassini has been designing clothes for four years, ever since she got her first sewing machine from her grandmother. Which was when Cecilia was in first grade. Since math is hard, we'll do it for you: that makes her 10 years old right now. When we were that age, we still thought boys had cooties and that starting our own neighborhood baby-sitting service was a brilliant idea. Meanwhile, Cecilia also models all of her own creations, probably making her the only children's designer who does. And she's eco-friendly; all of her one-of-a-kind creations are made from re-purposed fabrics.

Ms. Cassini has already been commissioned by Denise Richards, Candice Cameron Bure and Diane Von Furstenberg. And she's been in meetings with Project Runway producers. But this Saturday, Tough Cookies boutique in Sherman Oaks is hosting Cecilia's first trunk show from 12 pm to 4 pm. There will be refreshments and selections from her fall and holiday collections available for purchase. So after you've fought for your new Jimmy Choos, make the trek up to the Valley for some snacks and a reminder that kids these days... they grow up so fast.
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