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Lineblogging: The Row Sample Sale in Culver City

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After resolving some technical issues we had at this morning's Steven Alan sample sale, we're back with some lineblogging in Culver City at The Row sample sale, featuring clothing from the Olsen twins' high-end line. Stop by 3525 Hayden Avenue before 7pm to join the party.

1:59pm: Holy crap, valet parking!

2:01pm: The staff outnumbers the shoppers

2:02pm: Some very fashionable ladies waiting in line

2:03pm: Doors open now!

2:04pm: $100 tee?!?!

2:07pm: $330 dresses.

2:11pm: Wow. $150 t-shirt! Let's stock up!

2:16pm:$500 sample sale jackets.

2:17pm: Shapeless shift for $200.

2:18pm: Staff is super nice!

2:20pm: $200 long sleeve tee/sweater

2:23pm: Awwww! Yup a kid in baby gap/stella

2:24pm: Shoppers' unofficial uniform: black leggings, boots, skinny legs & expensive handbags.

2:27pm: Color-coded markings, but there is a 'if you have to ask, you can't afford it' rack.

2:28pm: No try-on rooms.

2:29pm: Black jammie-bottom pants for $200?

2:30pm: A few women have already left sans bags

2:32pm: Plenty of merch, and everyone seems to be pleased with the selection.

2:33pm: Well-organized sale. People are being nice. 0% chance of a catfight.

2:35pm: Traffic is dribbling in.

2:40pm: Road traffic advisory: National is all jacked up and will cause you grief coming and going.