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New Finds, New Friends Abound at the LoftSeven Sample Sale

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On the way out of the Billion Dollar Babes sale, we heard more than a few babes grousing about the selection. "I expected more name brand designers, and better prices" was pretty much the common complaint.

Huh. It seems like some women would rather spend $90 on a pair of baggy gray sweatshorts from Alexander Wang than take the same money and buy something totally unique and handcrafted from a local up-and-coming designer.

If you find yourself saying "Hell yeah!" to column B, then the Loft Seven sample sale is for you. It's a once-a-month event held the second Sunday of each month. Each edition features different designers, so there's definitely an incentive to go and check out a new batch of emerging talent.

Points right from the start: The Haas Building is very near a Red Line stop. Rolling off the subway and scurrying down 7th Street in the crisp autumn air made us feel as cosmopolitan and citified as our sisters at Racked in NY!

The sale takes over the entire penthouse floor of the loft. There were about 20 different merchants, offering a very good spread of wares. Jewelry, clothing, headgear, t-shirts, leather goods—all of it very unique. And so much craftsmanship, so much love packed into every piece.

We adored the ruffly, strappy Goat Milk dresses, one of which is pictured above. Where can you get such an original, well made piece for $120? The glamorous black petal turban from Venius was another winner. Pretty, pretty handmade jewelry from Ankh by Racquel. We never thought we'd use "covet" and "fanny pack" in the same sentence, but oh, Fahmina's buttery gold leather fanny pack?well, we covet!

And if you're into the established labels, there was a boutique offering special prices on pieces from Ella Moss, Splendid, Rachel Pally, and Michael Stars.

Oh, and did we mention free booze?

This event is so much fun, and a really brilliant way to discover new looks. And make new friends. And drink mimosas on the roof of a building. You can't argue with all that.
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