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We Went, We Saw, We Left Empty-Handed: The Steven Alan Sample Sale

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Don't you worry: plenty of racks with all different sizes, and probably tons more in back.
Don't you worry: plenty of racks with all different sizes, and probably tons more in back.

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We dropped by the Steven Alan "friends and family" preview night, at Siren Studios on Sunset. We admit we got there in a bad mood: Paramore was playing at the Palladium, and massive crowds of fake emo/goth kids clogged up the street (and took all the free parking). We didn't like Paramore before; we like them even less now.

Obviously, this won't trouble you tomorrow. But: no parking on Sunset between the hours of 7am - 9am, so you early birds might want to take that into consideration.

The little allocation of space in Siren Studios is not very big. It was, however, packed with long racks that were positively stuffed with Steven Alan goods. All the stuff we already told you about: Shorts for $35, long-sleeved shirts for $58, wool skirts for $68; tanks for $38, and assorted tees for $25. There was a fair amount of non-SA merchandise there, too, including dresses, blouses and skirts from Sea, Sophomore, Zachary's Smile, and United Bamboo. Really cute pieces. But, for example, three of the Sea dresses we really liked (two different gold pieces, and a cream number with black straps that had a skirt that was ruched and gathered so it looked like frosting) were only available in 0 and 2. Ouch. The gold dresses were $100 and $125; the cake dress would have been a steal at $50.

There was an outstanding collection of shoes for dudes. Including about 15 styles from Generic Surplus for $25, and five or six styles of Florsheim by Duckie Brown that ranged from $99 to $199. Not so impressed with the women's shoes (mainly because we saw them already lingering, for months, at the Steven Alan Outpost in Los Feliz).

So in parting, remember a few things:
Look at the signs before parking.
It's try-on in the aisles, so wear appropriate clothing.
Have fun, and happy shopping!
· Steven Alan [Official Site]

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