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Now Open: PH8 in Beverly Hills

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It's official: the Bebesport at 319 N. Beverly Drive has morphed into a store devoted brand's new PH8 line... which looks eerily like Bebesport. At least, the back half of the store does, filled with workout wear like sports bras and spandex shorts and tank tops made from synthetic, sweat-friendly materials. The front half showcases the trendy, streetwear portion of PH8, featuring wearable items like beaded tees, cargo jackets, slouchy sweaters, skinny jeans and hoodies. The collection also features accessories like watches, pins, bags and necklaces. Also, sequined fanny packs and glittery sneakers. Oh, Bebe, you just couldn't resist, could you?

Although the store just opened last week, there are already sale racks in the back featuring tanks, hoodies and sweaters for $29-$39. Overall, the collection is trendy and affordable. We would totally wear some of the tanks and tees, but the cargo shorts that are smaller than panties made us cringe. And judging by the abundance of them on the sale racks, we weren't the only ones who did.
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