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Critics Really Hate Lindsay Lohan's Ungaro Collection

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Basically, everyone is obsessed with the Lindsay Lohan at Ungaro thing and no one really likes it. But hating stuff gives you more opportunity to snark, so everyone's been looking forward to finding new ways to say "tacky tasteless Hollywood crap." Ungaro CEO Mounir Moufarrige, who says right up front that he hired Lohan for the publicity, says he was surprised the reaction was not even more negative. Here, what the critics thought:

1.) The Washington Post: "The collection was dominated by fuchsia. It included safety-orange ruched leggings, heart prints, genie pants and heart-shaped glittering pasties. It lacked finesse, sophistication, technical skill and any evidence of good taste. Everyone involved seemed in over their head -- swept up in a giant publicity-spewing machine."

2.) WSJ: "it was hard to imagine that Ms. Lohan and Archs could concoct a collection that is as cringe-worthy as this. Some models appeared on the runway with glittering heart-shaped pasties on their nipples, worn under blazers. Others wore the pasties on their foreheads. Highlights included hot pink streetwalker dresses, an unending hearts motif, and a skintight white mini dress so short that the model's cheeks hung below the hemline."

3.) "This quickly devolved into a bad joke of a fashion show, one with questionable color combinations, "bad eighties" draped silk jackets and drop-crotch pants, old-fashioned and ill-judged fur stoles, and, yes, tasteless sequin pasties. To top it off, the fabrics and the construction lacked the finesse you expect from a famous Avenue Montaigne brand."

4.) WWD: "As for the clothes, they looked cheesy and dated ... Hot pink, orange and flashy, with an overworked heart motif relentless in its execution, the collection displayed none of the promised younger side Lohan was supposed to deliver. Nor in a million years would one guess that the lineup was designed by one young woman and "creative directed" by another. Glitter heart pasties all around, ladies?"

5.) The New York Times: "Ms. Lohan's arrival at a 45-year-old Paris house known for $1,500 dresses and a tradition of couture craftsmanship is entirely different, something akin to a McDonald's fry cook taking the reins of a three-star Michelin restaurant."