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Ghoulish glamour at NIKE Sportswear at The Montalban in Hollywood

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Cinema Tuesdays are always a good time, but last night’s installment at the Nike enclave was tailor-made to get a fashionable Hollywood crowd in the mood for Halloween. The chance to watch a scary movie, take the Halloween costume for a test drive, and eat free candy? We signed up in a heartbeat.

The evening started with plenty of compimentary candy—the good kind, too, none of that generic hard candy that no one actually eats. We didn't think there was booze, but there were a bunch of people with PBRs in hand. One of the highlights was a roving troop of stylish wraiths who minced, pranced, and swooned through the Nike Sportswear displays, acting out their hauntings with sometimes reluctant, sometimes rude audience members.

Sadly, only a handful of partygoers turned up either in the suggested theme (turn-of-the-century red, white and black) or costumes. But the few who came out really did it up.

The communiques we received about the event declared the main feature to be so terrifying, not even the title could be revealed! We were just promised a scary period piece, which turned out to be cheesy b-movie called the House of the Devil. The flick was set in the 80s, which is technically a period, but there weren't any shoulder pads, neon, or lace Madonna gloves to be seen anywhere in the film; just lots of poofy hair semi-acid washed denim.

Quite simply, the movie was awful, but just spooky enough to set the proper Halloween mood. Especially since the whole evening was heightened by a spookiness that came riding in on those howling winds. Let’s hope they dissipate by Halloween, so we can all enjoy some Halloweeny fashion without fear of being blown away.
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