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DIY Hello Kitty Jewelry at Royal T

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There is something so precious and girly about Hello Kitty jewelry. Be it Tarina Tarantino, Kimora Lee Simmons, or simply Sanrio, it's the one accessory that gives you the happy feeling of being a perfectly frosted cupcake.

As part of Three Apple's Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary event, Royal T hosted a Hello Kitty jewelry making workshop this past weekend. Though we've certainly never perceived a scarcity or a deficiency in the type of Hello Kitty necklaces available, we thought, 'Why not?' and signed up online for the class.

Good thing, too: It was the only way we would have gotten in, save for waiting in a line in which there were already 600 people ahead of us.

Hello Kitty-philes of all ages were already crammed into Royal T, many in pink, frilly, HK-inspired costumes—and no, not just the ladies. Some were looking at the Hello Kitty art (Buff Monster and Gary Basemen were among the featured artists); some were queued in lines to purchase exclusive HK merchandise; some were eating Hello Kitty-themed pastries. Sadly, our late arrival precluded us from collecting one of the totally adorable sets of Hello Kitty slip-on ears (similar to the Burger King paper crown, only cute.)

The little jewelry workshop was the only nook that was insulated from Kitty chaos. About twenty 'students' sat around teeny tiny tables, listening to artist Natalia Fabia—think a slightly punkier Gwen Stefani as a happy drill sergeant—talk about her own love of all things Hello Kitty while giving a quick Jewelry Making 101.

She invited us up to the front of the classroom to inspect the material: precut chain in three different colors, clasps, extra links, and a small heap of Hello Kitty charms and bits of disassembled jewelry. All of the students jockeyed for position around the little table, eyeballing this trinket or that. Don't think for one second that we were above using our height and comparative heft to muscle the nine-year-olds out of the Hello Kitty cameo that was affixed to a strip of white eyelet.

In the end, there was plenty of everything to go around. More than enough for necklaces, and undoubtedly many pieces were shoved into purses and pockets for future adoration. Chokers seemed to be a favorite creation, but a few students made bracelets or longer necklaces. One student even made an elaborate belly chain (and this student was a GUY).

We've never considered ourselves particularly crafty, but the resulting necklace is seriously cute; something that might actually be worn again. Or more likely, given as a birthday gift to a less-discerning friend. Besides, the workshop wasn't so much about the jewelry as it was celebrating the completely unironic love of the world's most popular feline.

The Hello Kitty fun continues until November 15. Yes, there will be a Hello Kitty fashion show (November 14), and much more.
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