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LA Fashion Month: Morgane le Fay Works Her Magic in Malibu

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Morgane le Fay designer Liliana Casabal showed her spring 2010 collection at the company's new Los Angeles store, located at the high-end Malibu Country Mart. Unfortunately, this particular store is located right next to the open-air mall's active playground, making the show's outdoor location somewhat less than chic. But we can understand the overall idea, as Casabal's Tinkerbell-esque designs seemed right at home frolicking through the freshly-mowed grass under the trees at twilight while lots of families with children and dogs watched. Not that it kept us from being enchanted by the collection overall.Ephemeral, feminine dresses in white, black, olive and berry practically scream spring, from their gossamer hoodies right down to their nymphlike boots.
· Morgane le Fay [Official Site]