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Young Love

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We sort of enjoyed reading that Keith Johnson, Anthropologie buyer and star of new show Man Shops Globe, just happens to be dating the company's CEO, since it added a welcome dash of minor scandal to the company's sweeter-than-sweet image. But then the New York Times informed us that the two have been together since they were pre-teens. "'I moved next door to him, at age 9, and the first day I saw him, I fell in love with him,' Mr. Senk said. 'It was otherworldly. I felt sparks all over my body. Literally, I saw stars. He was the kindest, sweetest, most wonderful person. I feel like that 44 years later.'" As for Keith Johnson: "'It took a few years to convince me,' Mr. Johnson said. 'He didn't convince me until I was 12.'" Congratulations, Anthropologie: You are still the most adorable brand in America. [NYT; Previously]