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Magical Boot Metamorphosis: Arturo’s Shoe Fix

These boots were made for alterin': Image via <a href="">Refinery 29</a>
These boots were made for alterin': Image via Refinery 29

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Well, it’s official: LA’s first storm of the season means it’s time to dust off those boots that have been languishing in the back of your closet. You know, those boots from LAST YEAR? If you want a new look but can’t afford a new boot, you might think about a refresh from master cobblers like Arturo of Arturo’s Shoe Fix, in Beverly Hills. Whether you’re looking for a quick nip/tuck or a complete boot makeover, Arturo is the man for the job. He can turn tall boots into booties, booties into shooties, closed-toes into peeptoes, and much more. And if you have skinny calves, you can have him taper a boot shaft. Arturo can even turn a size 10 into a size 8, which is as close to shoe magic as you can get.

Cheap, they’re not. But these services can help you salvage, or even re-fall in love with, a high quality boot that you’re over, but just not ready to let go of. We predict Arturo will see a lot of traffic next year when women en masse wake up and realize just how big a mistake those thigh high boots really are.
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