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Now Open: Rex Crowns Venice Beach

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Sisters Angela and Dara Rexroad are the great-great-grand-daughters of John Muir, the father of the modern environmentalist movement. If there's such a thing as green royalty, they're it. So maybe it makes sense that they've just opened an eco-friendly boutique with a kingly name in Venice Beach. Rex, at 1653 Abbot Kinney Blvd, is the L.A. incarnation of the sisters' San Diego store, which they opened in 2006. It carries clothing from the likes of Society for Rational Dress, Spring & Clifton, Gray Ant, Alexander Wang, and Current Elliot, and nearly everything in the store is either American-made or manufactured according to Fair Trade regulations. In an odd but pleasing bonus, Dara Rexroad happens to be an expert waxer, so you can get your brows done while you ponder your purchases.