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Storecasting: What's Going to Replace Macy's?

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[Image via Blogdowntown]

The people have spoken, and they would like a Target. Yesterday, when news broke that the Macy's at 7th and Fig was departing this mortal coil, approximately 135 commenters took to Angelenic to request the design-conscious mega-store. Someone calling herself "Target Executive" even began leaving long, strangely believable messages about "bringing up this very conversation tomorrow" at Target's "board meeting in Minneapolis." Readers immediately called bullshit, as well they should (though for the record, we're impressed with her verisimilitude: "My New Year’s resolution was to turn my Blackberry off after 11pm (my husband is going to kill me :P)" is exactly the sort of thing we'd expect a Target exec to write.)

In light of all this Target frenzy, can we reevaluate the conversation Blogdowntown had with a VP at Brookfield Properties, which manages the Macy's space? After all, the VP did offer this tantalizing hint: "Suffice it to say that they're names and brands that people would be very excited to hear about Downtown." Well, that would include Target.
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