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Launches & Releases: Palm's Post-Emptive Pre

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Three Launches & Releases in one day? Why, yes. When news breaks, we're here, people.

[Photo courtesy gdgt]

Ah, Palm. Remember Palm? Perhaps you had one of those Treos that were all the rage half a decade back? Yes, us too. And perhaps you now have an iPhone, or one of those new Blackberries? Yes, us too. So what is this we hear coming from Las Vegas today? Palm is back in the smartphone race? Yup, check it: the Palm Pre, the company's long-overdue attempt to win back friends, fans, and revenue. Vital stats: an all-touchscreen front with one big button—but also a physical keyboard that slides out from the bottom of the unit. The interface looks über-slick, and initial tech blogosphere buzz is almost universally positive (Sez Engadget: "This is a huge win for Palm. People are stoked.") The phone launches exclusively on Sprint sometime between now and July; pricing TBD.
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