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Director Kevin Smith's Comic Book Store Closing

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[Credit. Happier Days: The Westwood location, which shut down in 2007]

"Clerks" director Kevin Smith, who owns two comic book stores--one in New Jersey and one in Los Angeles--is losing his West Coast location, currently operating alongside a DVD shop at 10587 West Pico Blvd, writes According to the web site, the tourist-popular shop closed its Westwood locale and moved into DVD store Laser Blazer last year. But Laser Blazer is shutting down--and so is Smith's bookstore. Via the web site: "Here’s hoping that the West Coast Stash finds a new home someday, although I doubt it will happen. It’s a tough market, and I don’t think Smith is interested in having a storefront without a friend in charge. Also, in LA, its hard to compete with Golden Apple or the other great comic book stores."
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