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Obama's Oval Office "Business Casual" Causes DC Freak-Out

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Now that the frenzy over Michelle Obama's inauguration fashion choices has died down, let's turn to that other Obama currently in the public eye. Our new president threw all of D.C. into "a tizzy," according to the Times, by allowing his staff to take off their suit jackets in the Oval Office. Esquire approves of the sartorial choice:

Obama is a modern man. He uses a BlackBerry. He plays pick-up basketball. He fist-bumps, if not as often as he used to. He doesn't buy into the old saw that men have to wear two-piece suits to take themselves or their surroundings seriously...The new president is also wrapping his arms around some pretty big problems here, and if ditching the jacket and even rolling up his sleeves gets the blood flowing, "the capital" should calm the hell down and let the man work.
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