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Now Open: Franklin Village's Locali Sells Convenience With a Conscience

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A cross between 7-11 and the Farmer's Market, new Franklin Village shop Locali is stocked with virtuous versions of convenience store staples, with a focus on local and sustainable products.

Haute tamales from La Guera Talmalera, free from GMOs, trans-fats and lard? Check. Fair-trade brews from local beanery The Coffee Cellar? Check. Flavored vegan condoms? Er...they've got those too, not to mention bento boxes from M Cafe de Chaya, organic soft pretzels with spicy mustard, 'sustainable slushies' sweetened with agave syrup, and an impressive roster of sustainable wines and local beers hand-picked by co-owner and self-proclaimed wine fanatic Greg Horos.

"We like to think of it as a bodega—we're just throwing everything together and seeing how people feel about it," says Horos. Along with wife Melissa Rosen, Horos conceived of the shop as a way to showcase the region's artisinal food companies seven days a week. After sampling the Cherry Ginger slush, we're officially hooked. Sorry, 7-11.