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Crime Blotter: Theives Knock Over the Glendale Galleria

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Often, apparel-related crime stories have a certain Thomas Crowne Affair-style intricacy about them—while the criminals are obviously terrible people, there's something at least a little glamorous about a band of thieves who've done their fashion homework. Not so the heist that went down at the Glendale Gallery early Friday morning, though: That one was mostly about the smashing.

Around 5:20 that morning, four men broke into the mall by smashing a glass door near Nordstrom, broke into a jewelry store called Classic Designs by smashing the front door, and then broke into all the display cases by smashing them, too. In the end, they got away with at least $150,000 worth of jewelry and watches. Owner Peter Siow had the merchandise ensured, but he's still stuck with untold amounts of damage. Poor guy.
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