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You're It: Neck Face Tags De La Barracuda

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De La Barracuda's blank exterior was just too good to pass up for our ol' buddy Neck Face. The NY graffiti artist, or an imposter with too much free time, scribbled a message for our new commander-in-chief on the Melrose storefront reading "Obama, we don't need change. We need dollars, homie."

Because said wall often hosts murals and advertisements, we couldn't help but wonder if the boutique had it stripped and invited Neckface to have at it. But the sales rep we spoke to seemed pleasantly surprised by the visit. "We think he did it [Wednesday] night, as a joke," he said with a sincere smile and not a hint of huffiness. Which is good, because L.A. locals haven't always responded favorably to this form of artistic self-advertising.
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