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Spot Check: Saks and Nordstrom Still Have Free Lawsuit Makeup

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For three days now, the nation's department stores have been giving out free cosmetics as part of a class-action settlement. Nobody seems thrilled with the product options, and yet the siren call of free stuff keeps attracting more and more shoppers. We called around today and discovered that it's looking bleak out there, but if you're clever, you can still score.

Macy's: Dunzo. So utterly dunzo that when you call, you get a recorded message telling you that the cosmetics are all gone. We did manage to reach a live human at one branch, though, and she conspiratorially told us that Nordstrom is the place to go.

Nordstrom: The Glendale Galleria store is sold out, but the ones at the Grove and Westside Pavilion still have stock. They couldn't promise that anything would still be around tonight, though.

Neiman Marcus: Beverly Hills has the Clinique moisturizer, and only the Clinique moisturizer, left.

Saks: Beverly Hills is still going strong. Well, stronger than a lot of places. They wouldn't make us any promises about still having product tonight, though.

Bloomingdale's: Officially kicked.
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